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"You really don't need a blog." -- me, daily

Lora is a writer, editor and creative strategist focused on intellectual life and the world of ideas. She's not (yet) a blogger. 

Specializing in cultural criticism and profile writing, Lora is a contributing writer for Marquette University Magazine and the dance critic and features writer for Her work has appeared in The Atlantic Magazine, the PBS NewsHour, Washington City Paper, PhillyVoice, Politics PA, the Army News Service and more. 


An inventive and agile storyteller, Lora enjoys using new media -- from Instagram to Substack to short-form video -- to engage audiences in real-time and to serve communities often left out of traditional newsgathering. In her career, Lora developed and led creative strategy for The Atlantic Magazine and the PBS NewsHour; helping each newsroom reach over a million followers on Instagram and Twitter, respectively. 


Lora's currently writing and creating for the American Civil Liberties Union, where she focuses on the First Amendment, which includes only the spiciest topics: cancel culture, press freedoms, online speech, racial justice, inclusive education, activist’s rights, drag censorship and more. 


The Hidden Pandemic
Washington City Paper

Featured Work
The Long Journey Home 
Dancer-turned-Marine-turned-choreographer Román Baca helps those affected by war find their true homecoming in dance.

-- Broadway World

Meet D.C.'s De Facto Grim Reaper 

-- Washington City Paper

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