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On assignment 

An award-winning writer and editor, Lora’s work has appeared in The Atlantic, Washington City Paper, the PBS NewsHour, Marquette Magazine,,, Philadelphia Neighborhoods, Army News Service, BizTech Magazine and more.  


Straddling the digital revolution and traditional newsgathering, Lora’s editing skills center on finding ways to use new media -- from Instagram to Substack to short-form video -- to engage audiences in real-time, to serve communities often left out of mainstream news, and to build more trusting relationships between the people and the Fourth Estate. 

A creative and agile storyteller, Lora developed and led digital strategy for The Atlantic Magazine. As an associate editor, she revitalized the legacy outlet's visual and community-generated storytelling strategy on Instagram; cultivating one of the magazine's most diverse and actively-engaged readerships. During her tenure, the platform acquired more than 1 million followers and served as an expert resource -- cutting through content clogs and misinformation -- on the Black Lives Matter movement, the coronavirus and the 2020 election. Dedicated to cross-platform collaboration, Lora also reported for the magazine’s website, newsletters and app. 


Lora honed her knack for digital-first reporting at the PBS NewsHour, where she expanded the organization’s “Twitter Chat” series. By eliminating barriers between audiences and the expert reporting needed to inform their decisions, these weekly online-only Q&As between sources and audiences explored new ideas about climate change, #MeToo, workplace discrimination, opioid addiction, and racial equity. 

Lora's currently writing and creating for the American Civil Liberties Union. She focuses on the First Amendment, which includes only the spiciest topics: cancel culture, press freedoms, online speech, racial justice, inclusive education, activist’s rights, drag censorship, whistleblowers and more. 

Lora graduated cum laude with a degree in Journalism and French from the Temple University School of Media and Communications where she was a member of the Kappa Tau Alpha honor society. As a 2013 Ron Brown Scholar, Lora is always looking to uplift her fellow Black voices. She is also an advocate for change and community, serving as a rape-crisis counselor and trauma-informed yoga teacher in New York City. 


Dedicated to intellectual life and the world of ideas, Lora's greatest strength is her passion for the people, places and things that change our lives.

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